From the diary of a dragonslayer: Interview with the Darkly Venus Aversa Part 1 – Smirking Revenge

Some time ago I had announced a little special for my blog. And here it is: My first interview with one of the featured bands, Smirking Revenge. The questions were answered by Gabrielle Bordeleau (bass & backing vocals). No long introduction, let the artist speak for herself!

Drachentöter: Describe your band and your style of music. What do you think makes your band special?

Gabrielle Bordeleau: We are a mixture between death, black, nu-metal and forces of nature. What makes us special is that we don’t limit ourselves into a specific style. Our compositions follow our inspirations, and we have no boundaries. The fact that we are all women in the band is also something we don’t see often in metal music, and it brings a feminine and vicious touch.


DT: Who did the band come together? What where your intentions?

GB: Roxanne and Joannie (guitarist and drummer) had another project called Aenygmist, an all-female black metal band who war active from 2007 to 2012. The band split up, but both still wanted to play music together. They found Charlotte (our ex-singer) and me after, in 2013. Charlotte left in 2015 to pursue her own projects, and we then met Marie.

Our intentions are to deliver a message throughout our music. We talked about the upsides and downsides of technology in our EP called «Mind Uploading», released in 2014. But we take it to another level with our upcoming album «Magna Mater», that we will be recording soon. Environment will be a big part of the subject. Musically, it is going to be a lot different than the previous EP, because the artistic process is not the same. The EP was more a research for our sound.


DT: Who are your musical and non-musical influences? What kind of music do you prefer personally?

GB: We all enjoy nu-metal band, such as Korn, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Kittie, etc. Gojira is also an influence for us.


DT: Who writes the songs? Do you work on the song together or who is mostly responsible for it?

GB: Roxanne writes her own parts first, then Joannie writes the drum, I write my bass parts and then Marie put lyrics on it. So we all contribute.


DT: What inspires you to do what you do?

GB: Injustice, passion, nature.


DT: How does music affect you and the world around you?

GB: I think music is why we all are alive today. Music supported us when we needed it, it understood us and still is today. When the music is good enough to give you chills, it’s a feeling you cannot describe with words. And that is what we live for.


DT: How do you promote your band and shows?

GB: Mostly on our facebook page. But we are also on Reverbnation and Bandcamp. There is a website under construction.


DT: Describe your shows, visual and musically. Do you have any “special effects”?

GB: We enjoy special makeups. Not necessarily black metal-ish. We like to change them depending of the gig.


DT: What’s your opinion of the music industry today?

GB: Well, it has its upsides and downsides. With internet, you can stream anything you want, and it brings more visibility to underground bands. But, there’s so much choice now, so much music to listen to, the question is: where to begin?

Also, playing music for a living is almost impossible, especially in metal. Damn, even bigger names like Deftones have to tour to pay their bills! (Link)


DT: What was your best/biggest show? What was the worst one?

GB: Our biggest show was in June 2015 when we played alongside Beyond Creation in Jonquière, Qc. The worst was in Quebec  City November 1st 2014, but it was also the funniest because people were so weird and the place really creepy.  There was also a show in Trois-Rivières, Qc.  when almost nobody showed up.


DT: Tell me about your life as a band. How is it to work and play together?

GB: Luckily, we get along really well. We’re not only bandmates, but friends, which is not the case for every band. We share experiences, feelings, joy, sadness, etc.


DT: Describe the Extreme Metal subculture of Quebec. Can you tell a difference to the rest of Canada? Do you have experience with the crowd in other countries? What’s the difference there?

GB: It’s a close community. Everybody knows everybody. We only played in Canada so I couldn’t tell the difference between the scene here and somewhere else.


DT: How are your connections in the scene? Do you have bands you like to play with? Do you have favorite clubs or festivals?

GB: We’re close with Ordoxe, Insurrection, Spacemak3r, Eternal Judgment, all Quebec-based metal bands. We really enjoyed playing at the Katacombes, Montreal.


DT: Do you think it’s a difference, being a female metalhead than being a male one? How

are experiences as individual persons?

GB: Yes, because as a female in a mostly male-composed scene, you have more pressure. For example, if an all-male band didn’t perform well one night, you won’t say «it’s because they’re men». But if something goes wrong during our set, some people will think «it’s because they’re women». We received comments like «you’re good for a women band» too many times. Also, some people tend to judge women more by their looks than by their talent. This is what society tells us.

But, being women can also be an advantage. People are curious, and seeing women in metal is refreshing.


DT: Do you think that all-female-bands have more problems with getting known/famous?

GB: It can be an advantage and a disadvantage. People tend to be more judging towards women in metal, but it is also something people would like to see more often.


DT: Did you have negative experiences with bookers, promoters or the audience because you are an all-female-band?

GB: Not as a recall. Maybe with some from the audience with sexist comments.


DT: What are your plans for the future? Are you working on a new release?

GB: We will soon record our full length «Magna Mater». We wish to release it in August.


DT: What are your dreams and goals for your band?

GB: We want to be heard, and we want to share our music with the world!


DT: Any last words you want so share?

GB: If you want to reach us, here’s some links:

Smirking Revenge bei facebook

Smirking Revenge bei bandcamp

Smirking Revenge bei twitter

Smirking Revenge bei reverbnation

Smirking Revenge bei Instagram

Smirking Revenge Youtube-Channel


Smirking Revenge Email

And rock on! \m/


Thanks a lot for the interview!


In this sense:

Good hunting!


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